• Seeed
    Lass Sie Gehn

    Lass Sie Gehn - music video production for the band Seeed. For this mixed media project we filmed animals in a miniature landscape that was designed for this video and later shot the band in a greenscreen studio. We married the elements in postproduction and drew more than 2600 images by hand, frame by frame, to create this apocalyptic world.

  • Trumpf Laser
    Power of Choice

    Trumpf are one of those hidden champions. They do amazing engineering stuff with lasers – in fact they’re a global leader and like to give their customers ‘the power of choice’. Key project tasks: concept, production, post production and VFX.

  • Trumpf
    Corporate Film

    Trumpf – the world’s leading laser producer. Working hand-in-hand with Milla und Partner, we produced a snazzy corporate film complete with concept, production, post production and VFX.

  • Mattoni
    Liquid Animation

    Outstanding 3D liquid animation effects, created in cooperation with Black Mountain VFX.

  • Silk
    Silk Almond

    Another yummy liquid animation for Silk. This time it was about another benefit: just 60 calories per glass!

  • DeAWM

    Explanatory film about real estate funds for DeAWM, the investment department of Deutsche Bank.

  • DeAWM

    Explanatory film about balanced investment funds produced for DeAWM, the investment department of Deutsche Bank.

  • Silk
    Silk Vanilla

    A yummy liquid vanilla animation for the American soy drink producer Silk. In collaboration with Black Mountain. BTW: it has zero cholesterol!

  • SI-Centrum
    Underwater Love

    An installation representing the main area of the event centre, featuring a 28 metre animated abstract projection: cinema, musical, swimming pool and casino.

  • BMW

    A car that moves the world. Literally.

  • Tradedoubler

    The CEO himself explains the sophisticated business model behind Tradedoubler, an online marketer. A series of 12 video modules which became part of an interactive full-screen film website. This interactive project involved the shoot itself, animation and web programming.

  • Henkel
    Functions Conference Barcelona

    Corporate media production for the Functions Management conference in collaboration with Contemporary Communication from Vienna – motion graphics deluxe. The project also involved an installation for Henkel’s shared service centres, visualising the complex processes between shared service centres throughout the world. Shot in Manila, Cairo, Bangalore, Bratislava, Mexico City and Dusseldorf.

  • T-Mobile

    3D magenta ink ballet to announce the latest offers from German Telekom in Austria.

  • Henkel

    Corporate motivation film.

  • LeConte China
    Chocolate Princess

    LeConte was one of the first chocolate makers in China to start producing chocolate based on the European model. Working in cooperation with Black Mountain, we created a 3D chocolate fairy tale for the client to highlight the smoothness of the product.

  • Hershey's

    Working with Black Mountain on behalf of the Ebeling Group, we created this decadently rich chocolate animation for the traditional brand. Pure bliss, don't you think?

  • Chlorox
    Liquid Plumr

    Foamy heroes beating the toughest blockages. Unleash the power of the plumr!

  • Daimler
    Mercedes SLR

    CGI car with beautiful light reflections created by Black Mountain VFX.

  • Silk
    Silk Chocolate

    A fantabulously delicious drinking chocolate animation for the American soy drink producer Silk. A collaborative project with Black Mountain. Power in every drop!

  • Henkel
    IT Innovation Fair 2011

    Teaser film for the 2011 IT Innovation Fair, visualising the growing impact of computing and its influence on the employment market.

  • Datatec
    Agilent Technologies Infinii Vision

    Product movie highlighting the features of a measuring device.

  • Lassa

    The fictional birth of a tyre, produced aesthetically to create a centrepiece for this beautiful full CGI movie. In collaboration with Black Mountain VFX.

  • SW Machines
    Four in one!

    See why efficiency is four in one! The production of this corporate film for the German ‘hidden champion’ SW MACHINES included the shooting, a stop trick, 3D animation and motion graphics.

  • BMWi3
    TVC Animatic

    Working in collaboration with Dorten, we developed a full CGI animatic for the new all-electric BMWi3. Thanks to the support of The Embassy VFX from Vancouver, this one-shot take laid the foundations for the TV commercial that was produced in Chicago.

  • Henkel
    Office 365

    With this film, we introduced a new software to the Henkel employees.

  • Sport 5
    MXE Film

    Sport 5 is Europe’s leading sports rights marketing agency. We transformed their complex and innovative MXE concept into the visual media for a sponsorship deal. M for Medialisation, X for Experience and E for Engagement.