Quantum Computer App

    Check out our latest Augmented Reality App for IBM.

  • IPS Energy
    Augmented Reality

    IPS Energy is a maintenance software for power plants. Their maintenance engineers were often challenged with a variety of different sources to do their regular checkups. Mostly text-based, this kind of maintenance was prone to sources of error.

  • Wiener Stadtmarketing
    Augmented Reality

    Together with the marketing department of Vienna we developed an AR app that combined gaming with charity. The app called „Catch the Gifts“ was launched with the beginning of the annual Christmas Market.

  • DWS/Deutsche Bank
    BöseNull Go!

    Augmented Reality App BöseNull Go! for DWS/Deutsche Bank.

  • Henkel
    Interactive Invitation

    An augmented reality invitation to the UK Henkel Management Conference in Frankfurt.

  • SI-Centrum
    Underwater Love

    An installation representing the main area of the event centre, featuring a 28 metre animated abstract projection: cinema, musical, swimming pool and casino.

  • Henkel
    Functions Conference Barcelona

    Event media for Henkel's Functions Management conference in Barcelona.