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Director: Markus Seilern und Aspang
Client: Deutsche Bank

For our VR film for Deutsche Bank we won the Red Dot Award 2018 in the category „Interface Design“. This project also won the Stereopsia Award 2017 in the category „Best VR Commercial“ in Ville de Liège, Belgium.

During a seven-day shooting the four minute movie was realized in different locations in and around Berlin as well as abroad. The extensive video and audio material has been edited during the subsequent seven-week postproduction. The use of binaural sound took the virtual reality experience to perfection. It enables a 360° sound experience because it adapts itself to the viewers head movement.

With this campaign Deutsche Bank brings the consultig and service offer to a new level by integrating the branches as well as the digital offer:


„Our new campaign is a signal to set off. We focus on the user experience because bank customers increasingly want to use digital services without missing personal consultation. Regardless of the way our customers choose to come to us, Deutsche Bank is always there for its customers.“ says CMO Tim Alexander, Deutsche Bank.

In several waves of 10 days of action each, in nationwide branches the digital realignment, as well as the new banking format came alive through nearly 400 promoters. With this forward-thinking sales campaign Deutsche Bank takes account of digital age and strengthens its position in the market as driver of innovation. Moreover Deutsche Bank succeeds in reaching a sustainable effect – the 360°-VR-experience tour impresses, delights and with its rousing experience provides numerous occasions for talks.

Für unseren VR Film für die Deutsche Bank haben wir 2018 den Red Dot Award in der Kategorie “Interface Design” gewonnen. Dieses Projekt hat auch den Stereopsia Award 2017 in der Kategorie „Best VR Commercial“ in Ville der Liège in Belgien gewonnen.