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Welt Kompakt ist eine gehobene Boulevardzeitung aus Berlin. Sie stellte sich eine einfache Frage: Wie kann Print im Internet überleben? Ihre Antwort ist clever: radikal, indem sie relevante Nachrichten für jede Zielgruppe filtert und strukturiert. Ein surrealer Schnitt mit einer dadaistischen Klangschicht für Dorten.


Welt Kompakt is an upmarket tabloid newspaper from Berlin. It posed a simple question: how can print survive the internet? Their answer is clever: radically, by filtering and structuring relevant news items for each target group. A surreal cut-down with a dada-esque sound layer for Dorten.

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    TV Commercial

    TV Commercial for myHOMEBOOK.


    Campaign spots for RECARO's social media communication.

  • IBM
    Quantum Computer App

    Check out our latest Augmented Reality App for IBM.

    Smart Factory

    The Smart Factory is the next logical step in technological evolution.

  • MINI Electric
    IMDE 2020

    A day in the city with the new MINI Electric.

  • Seeed
    Lass Sie Gehn

    Lass Sie Gehn - music video production for Seeed.

  • Anticity
    Unearth the mystery of beauty

    Product film for the launch of the Australian Beauty Brand Anticity.

  • Porsche
    4 the thrill

    Discover our latest Porsche "4 the thrill" webspecial spots!

  • Mercedes-AMG
    Private Lounge

    Together even better - exclusive full CGI film for Mercedes-AMG owners about the AMG Private Lounge.

  • Freeform Pack

    Innovative company freeform pack allows you to create any package design you can imagine. We put this into relation with freestyle dancing.

  • Wagner
    Let's Test!

    youtube show for Wagner, the leading manufacturer for paint spraying systems.

  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks
    Actros Reveal

    Mercedes Benz Trucks was unveiling the new Actros truck at a premiere night to the world's press.

  • Deutsche Bank

    For our VR film for Deutsche Bank we won the Red Dot Award 2018 in the category „Interface Design“. This project also won the Stereopsia Award 2017 in the category „Best VR Commercial“ in Ville de Liège, Belgium.

  • Dunlop
    The Jump - Spot

    Testing Dunlops new winter sport tires in extreme conditions.

  • Jungheinrich
    Guinness World Record

    Exciting world record drive for Jungheinrich's electric forklift in the Slovenian Alps.

  • Swarovski
    The Mask

    Specfilm for Swarovski. This award-winning film excited an international audience on several fashion film festivals.

  • Hahn Automobile
    100 Jahre Hahn

    Campaign films for 100 years of automobile history at Hahn.

  • elements
    Cinema Ad

    We had a lot of fun shooting this cinema ad for elements, a 5 star gym and spa.

  • Dunlop
    The Jump – Making of

    Out and about testing the Dunlop Winter Sport Tires.

  • Trumpf
    Client Stories 3D Systems

    Client story for Trumpf. One of Trumpfs clients, the 3Dimensional Services Group based in Rochester Hills, Detroit, develops and manufactures functional prototype parts.

  • Trumpf Laser
    Power of Choice

    Corporate film for Trumpf.

  • Trumpf
    Corporate Film

    Corporate film for Trumpf – the world’s leading laser producer.

    Dive Into a New Dimension

    Splish splash we were taking a bath! Shooting underwater and overwater at night for ND SatCom.

  • Trumpf
    Client Stories Miethke

    Client story for Trumpf.

  • Berenberg Bank

    Founded back in 1590, Berenberg Bank is one of the oldest Banks in Europe. For their investment conference in 2019 we shot this intro trailer about ambition which is one of Berenberg's top assets.

  • Relex Bus
    Captain Relex

    Commercial for Relex Bus. Enjoy Guy Combes as Captain Relex - such a cool guy.

  • Fitbook
    Eat it, Roll it, Try it!

    Eat it, Roll it, Try it - 3 clips about the do's and don'ts in fitness & healthy living.

  • Techbook

    Social media clips for Techbook, an online platform for digital news and tech support.

  • smart
    #maximal aufgeladen

    #maximalaufgeladen is not only the motto of the smart electric challenge but also of our teaser for this event in May 2018.

  • zwissTEX
    Product World

    Virtual tour for the zwissTex group through their product worlds.

  • IPS Energy
    Augmented Reality

    IPS Energy is a maintenance software for power plants. Their maintenance engineers were often challenged with a variety of different sources to do their regular checkups. Mostly text-based, this kind of maintenance was prone to sources of error.

  • Wiener Stadtmarketing
    Augmented Reality

    Together with the marketing department of Vienna we developed an AR app that combined gaming with charity. The app called „Catch the Gifts“ was launched with the beginning of the annual Christmas Market.

    Corporate Film

    LEONI is a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive sector and other industries. The value chain encompasses wires, optical fibers, standardised cables, special cables and assembled systems as well as intelligent products and smart services.

  • DWS/Deutsche Bank
    BöseNull Go!

    Augmented Reality App BöseNull Go! for DWS/Deutsche Bank.

  • Mercedes-AMG
    Mercedes-AMG GTR

    clip up meets AMG, meets Bernd Schneider, meets the new Mercedes-AMG GT R.

  • Mercedes-AMG
    Mercedes-AMG E63

    clip up meets AMG, meets Bernd Schneider, meets the new Mercedes-AMG E 63.


    Social media clips to advertise the new Dekra App including the app- and seeding campaign.


    Product film for Trumpf.

  • Deutsche Asset Management
    CIO View Quarterly Format

    Stefan Kreuzkamp, Chief Investment Officer of the Deutsche Asset Management, gives insights into the financial market.

  • Deutsche Bank
    Coffee Break Talk

    Two top fund manager give insights into their investment strategies.

  • SI-Centrum
    Winter Wonderland

    He's singing our song, as we go along - Walking in a Winter Wonderland - When it's cold outside, come along! At SI-Centrum Stuttgart.

  • Welt Kompakt
    Kurz. Anders. Gedruckt.

    Welt Kompakt is an upmarket tabloid newspaper from Berlin. It posed a simple question: how can print survive the internet?

  • Mattoni
    Liquid Animation

    3D liquid animation for Mattoni.

  • Silk
    Silk Almond

    Liquid animation for Silk. This time it was about another benefit: just 60 calories per glass!

  • Henkel
    Interactive Invitation

    An augmented reality invitation to the UK Henkel Management Conference in Frankfurt.

  • DeAWM

    Explanatory film about real estate funds for DeAWM, the investment department of Deutsche Bank.

  • DeAWM

    Explanatory film about balanced investment funds produced for DeAWM, the investment department of Deutsche Bank.

  • Silk
    Silk Vanilla

    Liquid animation for the American soy drink producer Silk.

  • Uzin Utz
    The Future at your Feet

    If there’s any part of our direct environment we’re exposed to more than anything else, then it has to be the ground beneath our feet.

  • SI-Centrum
    Underwater Love

    An installation representing the main area of the event centre, featuring a 28 metre animated abstract projection: cinema, musical, swimming pool and casino.

  • BMW

    A car that moves the world. Literally.

  • Sharedien
    Digital Asset Management

    A shoot and chalk illustrations for Sharedien, ingenious organiser software.
    More: www.sharedien.com

  • ebay

    Husband and wife team Hans and Andrea Gonner turned failure into fortune when they closed their garment store – leaving the clothes behind and selling the high quality yarn they used to make them.

  • Uzin Utz
    The Future at your Feet

    This ‘future at your feet’ project was part of Uzin Utz’s goal to completely re-think the concept of floors and throw our general assumptions out the window.

  • Henkel
    Functions Conference Barcelona

    Event media for Henkel's Functions Management conference in Barcelona.

  • T-Mobile

    3D liquid ink animation for German Telekom in Austria.

  • Henkel
    Beauty Care Conference Davos

    Event media production for the Henkel Beauty Care conference in Davos, Switzerland. This project included shooting 360° footage in the Swiss Alps to bring the panoramic screen to life.

  • LeConte China
    Chocolate Princess

    3D liquid chocolate animation for LeConte China.

  • BMWi3
    TVC Animatic

    Working in collaboration with Dorten, we developed a full CGI animatic for the new all-electric BMWi3. Thanks to the support of The Embassy VFX from Vancouver, this one-shot take laid the foundations for the TV commercial that was produced in Chicago.

  • Hershey's

    Rich chocolate animation. Pure bliss, don't you think?

  • Henkel

    Motivational film.

  • Chlorox
    Liquid Plumr

    Foamy heroes beating the toughest blockages. Unleash the power of the plumr!

  • Daimler
    Mercedes SLR

    CGI car with light reflections.

  • Silk
    Silk Chocolate

    Liquid animation for the American soy drink producer Silk. Power in every drop!

  • Weishaupt
    Media Production

    Media Production of the Event & Architectural Mapping on the Research and Development Centre

  • SPD
    Election Campaign Spot

    Featuring electoral highlights for the latest campaign of the SPD Party (Social Democrats) in Baden-Württemberg, illuminated on a light table.

  • Osram
    IPO Documentary

    We accompanied OSRAM during their IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

  • SI-Centrum

    A 28 metre ‘spooktacular’ installation in a tunnel at Stuttgart’s biggest event centre. Every year around Halloween – enter at your own risk!

  • Datatec
    Agilent Technologies Infinii Vision

    Product movie highlighting the features of a measuring device.

  • Life Plus
    Bob Lemon Portrait

    A portrait of Bob Lemon, founder of the nutritional supplement producer LifePlus. His philosophical approach to life is an inspiration for everyone. We shot this film in Florida where Bob Lemon lives. Seems like heaven there!

  • Lassa

    The fictional birth of a tyre in CGI.

  • Quirin Bank

    Bank consultants and their personal regrets. Shot with five gentlemen in pyjamas.

  • voestalpine
    Grand Prix Red Bull Ring Spielberg

    Screen production for voestalpine, shot in the pit lane at the grand prix on the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.

  • SW Machines
    Four in one!

    See why efficiency is four in one! The production of this corporate film for the German ‘hidden champion’ SW MACHINES included the shooting, a stop trick, 3D animation and motion graphics.

  • BMWi3
    TVC Animatic

    Working in collaboration with Dorten, we developed a full CGI animatic for the new all-electric BMWi3. Thanks to the support of The Embassy VFX from Vancouver, this one-shot take laid the foundations for the TV commercial that was produced in Chicago.

  • DONG Energy
    Opening Borkum Riffgrund 1

    DONG Energy, the LEGO Group and William Demant were celebrating the inauguration of the Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore wind farm, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark who officially opened the wind farm. Clip Up Film realised the media production.

  • Marc Cain
    Panorama Fair Berlin

    Media production for the Marc Cain stand at the Panorama fair 2016.

  • Henkel
    Office 365

    With this film, we introduced a new software to the Henkel employees.

  • Sport 5
    MXE Film

    Sport 5 is Europe’s leading sports rights marketing agency. We transformed their complex and innovative MXE concept into the visual media for a sponsorship deal. M for Medialisation, X for Experience and E for Engagement.